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    Economic development

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    1. What strategies should we use to frame business problems?
    2. How can economic development theories impact trade policy?
    3. Can the politics of the host country governments intrude upon the business economic aspects of development?
    4. Do you think that any given country can have a significant influence on market factors influencing economic development?

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    STEP 1
    1. What strategies should we use to frame business problems?

    · Explore and define the current situation of the business.
    · Examine the real time cases of the business.
    · Survey the hindrances that the business faces.
    · Explore the customer experiences to identify the problems that they have faced.
    · Make use of qualitative iteration and interpretation to make precise business problems
    · Identify the hurdles faced by the business to realize its strategic objectives.
    · List, examine and investigate the variances from the planned business parameters.
    · Convert unstructured issues into well-formulated problems.
    · Opposing forces and complementary forces should be identified.
    · The scope of the business should be clearly identified to frame the problems.
    · The constraints and tactical issues should be separated to frame the problems.
    · Use customer centric strategies to identify the problems.
    · Organizational barriers should be identified and eliminated.
    This material is taken from the website http://www.fairisaac.com/"Business decision making takes into consideration an expanding amount of data and a vastly increasing number of factors, channels, treatment options and trade-offs. Predictive analytics enable all of it to be modeled, understood by people and expressed in equations that can be implemented by problem-solving software?in real time if necessary." http://www.fairisaac.com/
    This material is taken from the site: http://mitsloan.mit.edu/execed" Applying organization theory along with intuitive principles of feedback control, participants learn to:
    · assess the likely impact of different policies and decisions that relate to their organization's growth, stability, and performance
    · recognize ...

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