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Incentives for Economic Development

1. What is an "enterprise zone", and what are its pros and cons as a public project funding process?

2. What are some incentives for Nebraska city officials, if any, are afforded economic development investors, and describe them here. Why are incentives commonly used for development?

3. What factors are considered in the cost analysis of an economic development project?

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Incentives for Economic Development


An Economically troubled area, where the zone is provided with

Special tax incentives and various opportunities for business growth and expansion are known as Enterprise Zone. The reason behind tax incentives is to provide large number of job opportunities and business environment to the zone. Different types of theories, social forces and policies are assorted to form an enterprise zone. The Government Regulations in these areas are reduced due to positive responses of employees towards tax incentives. To improve the investment, the production is enhanced in these areas (Peters & Fisher, 2002).

The Process of Public Project Funding promotes the best practices of how to keep away from creating the wheel. The main advantage of Enterprise Zone as a Public Project Funding Process is that it develops access to federal and state tax exemptions. One of the major disadvantages of this Zone is, it requires extra state authority. A specific number of new zones are also required with the competitive process. The income criterion of common man is not met by Country Regulations.


Nebraska City Officials get various types of incentives for the growth and development of Individuals and State Economy. The main ...

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