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Developing country

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In this article, the author identifies five areas where FDI contributes to the socio-economic development of developing countries, including:
1. Trade and Investment
2. Technology Transfers
3. Human Capital Enhancement
4. Competition
5. Enterprise Development
Using what you have learned from this article, can someone describe how a hypothetical developing country can best prepare and position itself to enjoy each of these five benefits.

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Solution Summary

The expert discusses ways to boost trade, investment, human capital, etc. in developing countries.

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1. Trade and Investment: A developing country can boost trade and investment from offshore entities in the country or attract FDI by making friendly laws, regulations, export-import policies, etc. for such entities. The domestic trade and investment climate should be made attractive by offering incentives to foreign investors. A stable government and stable longer term policies is important for attracting trade and investment. ...

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