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    International Trade and Investment Dispute Resolution

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    I am a member of the complaining country under article XXIII of the GATT 1994. I need to write a brief complaining to the WTO panel that a benefit that acrued to my country the EU under three rounds of negotiations has subsiquently been nullified or impaired by a measure enacted by the defendent country Japan. Japan is now offering subsidies to the local producers thereby nullifiying or imparing the benefits.

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    According to your enquiry, I provide my opinions as follow:

    Firstly, this problem is in relation to subsidies and countervailing measures (SCM) and safeguard measures under WTO framework.

    Secondly, which category country does yours come from. It is quite important to be aware that developing countries can enjoy special and differential treatments (SDT) in the WTO system. If you are not sure whether your country ...

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