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    presentation for the staff meeting

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    Your manager, Mr. Johnson, has asked you to develop a presentation for the staff meeting next week characterizing the economic development occurring in your selected host country. He explains to you that the presentation should cover the development trajectory, economic theories, and sectors of your selected country. INDIA

    For this assignment, you must submit a presentation consisting of 12â?"15 PowerPoint slides with at least 100â?"150 words of speaker's notes per slide in which you explain the characteristics of the economic development occurring in your selected host country. INDIA

    You must address the following in your presentation:

    Explain the characteristics of the economic development occurring in you selected host country.

    Assess the economic health of your country, and map out what you feel is an accurate portrayal of its development trajectory.

    Describe the development trajectory of your selected country over the past 20 years using at least 2 of the economic development theories you have studied.

    Identify the areas of greatest growth along with those that might be hindering your selected country's emergence in the world economy.

    Describe the sectors of your selected country's economy that are growing the most and which areas are facing the most difficulty.

    Forecast reasonable economic expectations that your selected country should attain in the future.

    Predict, in general terms, the expectations of your selected country in terms of GDP, GDP per capita, education levels, life expectancy, and other key standards of living and economic variables.

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