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    Feedback Plans

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    Create a feedback plan for the 6th Recruiting Brigade (Budget Division) selected from last week writing assignment. Below are some guidelines to assist with this assignment:

    1. What do you want from the meeting? Understanding? Agreement? Action? Further work?
    2. Structure the meeting so you have at least as much time for discussion as for presentation of results.
    3. Review wording of feedback to make it as nonevaluative and descriptive as possible.
    4. Which elements of your message are likely to generate defensiveness by the client?
    5. What form is the defensiveness or resistance likely to take?
    6. What questions can you ask to get the resistance expressed in the meeting?

    Include the following in your feedback plan:

    1. Communication plan
    a. Types of communications you plan to use, such as status reports, status meetings, any regulatory required reports, conference calls, and awareness building plans
    b. Frequency of communication
    c. Tools necessary to meet communication and feedback commitments

    2. Feedback meeting plan
    a. Purpose of the meeting
    b. Stakeholders you would include in the meeting
    c. Structure of the meeting
    d. Brief overview of the feedback: presenting problem and real problem
    e. Questions prepared to anticipate and reveal resistance
    f. Strategies to get feedback from stakeholders on satisfaction with the consultation
    g. Tools necessary for the feedback meeting.

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    Feedback Plan: 6th Recruiting Brigade (Budget Division)

    A feedback meeting has been scheduled to discuss the findings of the evaluation of the Budget Division of the 6th Recruiting Brigade. The purpose of the meeting is to reach an understanding regarding the findings in the discovery phase and present a plan for solving the issue.

    Meeting Date: Friday, September 28 2012

    Stakeholders invited to meeting: Budget Office Management Staff

    Meeting Structure:
    Presentation of Problem and evaluation of findings (15 minutes)
    Discussion (20 minutes)
    Proposal of plan (15 minutes)

    During the presentation of problem and evaluation of findings, my team will review the situation uncovered during the discovery phase. Currently the Budget Office is failing to obligate yearly allocated funding, causing a strain on the department as well as the entire organization. This lack of action results in lost funding.

    In order to present this information to the stakeholders, funding history will be shown, as well as budget department response to funding requests. The actual timing of actions will be superimposed upon the optimal timing and the difference in overall funding tabulated. The emphasis will be to help the department attain performance objectives, to increase management motivation and commitment and provide support. The lack of management oversight will be mentioned as the root cause.

    The need to develop management structure within the department will be outlined, including the effect accountability and objectives would have on staff. A computer program offering an alarm system to help track deadlines ...

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