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    Assessment Tools in Online Learning

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    Discuss the use of assessment tools in online learning. What should teachers consider when choosing a particular assessment tool? Which would would recommend and why?

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    Assessment in online learning is essential for this type of instructional methodology and integral to effective instructional teaching. The characteristics of effective assessment according to the research literature are that the assessment be continuous while allowing for feedback from the student's whose input of the efficacy of the instruction is vital for the assessment. Assessment for online learning must include several pertinent principals that are necessary according to researchers to effectively ensure that the assessment is guided toward competent and valid assessment methods (Kim, Smith, & Maeng, 2012).

    The assessment tools and instruments that are used to deduce the efficacy of teacher's instructional methodology must be in accordance with the goals and skills outlined in the curriculum that facilitate the learner's educational experience throughout the distance education course. The management of the assessment paradigm should be professional and rigorous because it is an integral portion of student's learning. The management focus should be predicated upon allowing learners to assess their own individual progress while identifying areas that need review. In addition managing the assessment process should afford for the reestablishment of immediate learning or lesson goals (Kim, Smith, & Maeng, 2012).

    Teachers must develop a profile of the ...

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    The expert discusses the assessment tools in online learning. What teachers should consider when choosing a particular assessment tool Is determined.