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Characterisitcs of Online Adult Education

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How does adult education change in an online environment?

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This solution identifies and describes how adult education changes in an online environment. Supplemented with techniques for incorporating adult learning principles and specific instructional strategies into online courses.

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1. How does adult education change in an online environment?

Online teaching requires that instructors develop a new set of skills in order to teach effectively via the World Wide Web. Changes are also required in online course development and management, as well as gaining an understanding of the needs of an online learner, the skills needed to be an effective online mentor and instructor, the tools available for distance education, and the various online course models.

In general, the delivery model is changed from face-to-face to electronic technological delivery. However, different technologies and delivery models are being used by practitioners in the field of electronic learning and these delivery modes and strategies need to be used effectively to create a safe learning environment and one that meets the different learning styles of learners. For example, instructors need the skills in identifying, analyzing, and planning for the diversity in adult learning behaviors, such as strategies for developing critical thinking and reflective practice in adult students. Adult learning theory and principles are also used in the design of technology-based instruction to make it more effective.

Also, changes are needed to ...

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