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Adult learning/Distance Learning

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This paper describes how adult learning and distance learning work together.

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This paper describes adult learning and distance learning

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Adult education is a very broad area. It can be described from where you are standing and how you experience the phenomenon. You can tutor students after school. You may be in the nursing field and plan on continuing your education. You could be involved in your communities protest rallies. You could also train individuals in your job on consumer relations. Adult education is needed now more than ever. It has become more assessable to adults due to the advancement of technology. The field of technology and adult education is has a very close relationship. Technology has broadened the scope and direction of adult education with the use of computers and distance learning. This abstract will focus on how distance learning makes adult education more assessable to "adult learners" thus improving our pool of employees.

The use of computers, web cameras, and other digital technologies for learning support help the education of adult learners and extends the educational opportunities to reach new groups of students. As we use this technology this ensures our students have the tools necessary to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing technological society. According to Susan Imel, from Technology and Adult Learning this article offers the conclusion that adult learning and technology has experienced growth beyond measure. The most pervasive of the technologies with educational applications is the Internet and World Wide Web. The integration of the Internet and World Wide Web has created the most change and has brought opportunities to the adult learner. Ginsburg (1998) presents a helpful way to think about integrating technology into adult learning by proposing four basic approaches: technology as curriculum, delivery mechanism, complement to instruction, and instructional tool. By focusing on these areas the adult learner has the ...

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