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Online Education for Adult Learners

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I need assistance writing either a defense or a critique (2-3 paragraphs) of the attached article, using paraphrasing. Please help!

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Hsiu-Mei Huang article discusses the online learning experience for adults; and interprets his analysis with several psychologist and theorist concepts. The author presents constructive learning theorist ideas and social theory involving adult learning occurrence in online and distance learning environment. The author examines both concepts and presented various ideas in which, I can agree and learn.

Instead of simply defending constructivism as the current trend in adult learning, it would be best to explain the methods adult learners need to learn. The article introduced the constructive theorist such as Bruner, Vygotsky and Dewey. Their teaching ...

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Paraphrasing articles surrounding theorist, Vytgotsky, Bruner, even Dewey for the various ideas, concepts and opinions surrounding teaching and learning in adult education. Here the expert highlight important facts about social learning and constructive learning that you can use to critique and support your teaching and learning. References are included.