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    Adult Education Research

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    Resources for a journal article on adult education is given. Help with a summary/critique is also offered.

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    Please allow this journal idea to inspire you:

    First, I chose the article, "The Adult Learner: Here to Stay." Its author is Earl Thomas. It is found in the journal called Black Issues in Higher Education, Vol. 22, Issue 6 from May 2005. *Please remember to underline or italicize the name of the journal since this feature does not work on the page. Please also follow MLA or APA style as your professor warrants.

    Next, please allow some of my summary ideas to help:

    This article is valuable because it examines equity among adult learners. When we think of equity at the adult education level, we often think strictly in terms of black white, online/face-to-face, male/female, or other ethnic terms. However, this article reinforces how adult education students as a whole comprise their own marginalized, neglected, and discriminated against group.

    The article further suggests that "All too often, adult learning programs are marginalized, neglected and ...

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