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Program planning models

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I need help in comparing and contrasting two program planning models (in relation to adult education). These models include Andragogy, Transformation, Pedagogy

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Dear Student:
There are several learning models of Adult Education. The Professional School of Psychology, retrieved from http://www.psychology.edu/about/four-models-of-adult-education/ , 5/10/14, outlines four models:
1. Pedagogy
2. Andragogic Education
3. Transformation Education
4. Appreciative Education
In review of this article, I think that it presents an overview and definition of each of these models for you to compare and contrast. Further information can be obtained if you research each individual model to ascertain more in depth information.
Another excellent source of information by author, Malcolm Knowles, is:
The Adult Learner (Paperback) by Knowles, Elwood
Whole-Part-Whole is another model and you can obtain information regarding this program at the ...

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This information outlines models for adult education in reference to adult learning. It also provides information on Program Planning Models with emphasis on Tyler and Boyle Models