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    Using the Logic Model For Program Evaluation

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    The logic model for program evaluation.

    Proponents of this method favor this model because it encourages systematic thinking and planning. Because this approach requires input at the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages, it provides a focus and consistency throughout all phases of the public health program. By using such an approach, the evaluation is more likely to yield information that is both credible and useful.


    Explain how a logic model can contribute positively to program planning, implementation, and evaluation in general?

    2.)Consider how a logic model would help to guide a program at any stageâ?"development, implementation, and evaluation. In what ways would it be of value to your selected program?

    3.)Did the program(PHILADELPHIA community model project see ref 1&2 below) you are studying use a logic model? If yes, describe the ways in which it has been used and how it has helped the program. If they did not use it, why not? Do you think it would have been helpful for them to use this model? In what ways?


    Missouri Foundation for Health [MSH] (2004).Faith Based Health Services.(PHILADELPHIA COMMUNITY MODEL PROJECT) http://www.mffh.org/mm/files/FaithBasedHealthServices.pdfe.

    Philadelphia Community model project [CMP]. (2002) The Philadelphia Story Community model project : A coalition for compassionate care. Retrieved from http://www.supportivecarecoalition.org/NR/rdonlyres/91D8475F-4DA9-45AC-84D5- 92BEC56AE578/0/PhilStory.pdf.

    Online Course Text: W.K. Kellogg Foundation. (2004). Logic model development guide. Battle Creek, MI: Author. Retrieved from http://ww2.wkkf.org/default.aspx?tabid=101&CID=281&CatID=281&ItemID=2813669&NID=20&LanguageID=0.

    Web site: The Evaluation Logic Model http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/amod/logicmod.html Harvard School of Public Health hosts this site. It visually demonstrates an evaluation logic model and notes how logic models "reflect a systems view of behavior."

    Web site: CDC Evaluation Working Group: Logic Model Resources http://www.cdc.gov/eval/resources.htm#logic%20model

    Supplemental Course Text: Novick, L. F., Morrow, C. B., & Mays, G. P. (2008). Public health administration (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett..Chapter 18, "Evaluation of Public Health Interventions�Figure 18-8 on page 534 of this chapter provides an example of a completed logic model, this one for public health preparedness.

    Online course: Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models http://www.uwex.edu/ces/lmcourse/ Work through this two-module course to learn more about logic models. An example of using a logic model for designing a community nutrition program is presented. Module 1: Logic Model Basics Section 1: What Is a Logic Model Section 2: More about Outcomes Section 3: More about Your Program "Logic" Section 4: What Does a Logic Model Look Like Section 5: How Do I Draw a Logic Model.Section 6: How Good Is My Logic Model Section 7: Using Logic Models in Evaluation: Indicators and Measures.

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    A logic model can contribute positively to program planning, implementation, and evaluation, by providing a concrete framework from which an individual or organization can make the determination as to what resources will be needed for a particular program, what actions must be taken in order to increase the chances of the success of all phases of the program, develop the output goals of the program, and to develop a practical vision and plan as to the desired outcome of the program. The quality logic model will be instrumental in providing this framework from which all phases of a program can be developed, and actively pursued.

    A logic model would help to guide a program planning stage, by providing the framework in which individuals or organizations can ...