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    The Logic Model for Program Evaluation

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    Overview : The use of the logic model for program evaluation. Proponents of this method favor this model because it encourages systematic thinking and planning. Because this approach requires input at the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages, it provides a focus and consistency throughout all phases of the public health program. By using such an approach, the evaluation is more likely to yield information that is both credible and useful. Consider how a logic model would help to guide a program at any stageâ?"development, implementation, and evaluation. In what ways would it be of value to your selected program?


    Did the Maryland Tobacco Prevention and cessation program use a logic model? If yes, describe the ways in which it has been used and how it has helped the program. If they did not use it, why not? Do you think it would have been helpful for them to use this model? In what ways?


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    From the information that is presented, it appears that the Maryland tobacco use prevention and cessation program has made effective use of the logic model. The use of the logic model was implemented into the varying aspects of this program in a variety of ways, and the initial way that this model was implemented into the program was by ensuring that the proper inputs, such as the financial ...