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Program Planning in Adult Education

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I need help in comparing and contrasting two program planning models (in relation to adult education). I need to support my essay/answers. I can't find models anywhere and don't know where to begin.

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Program Planning Models for Adult Education

Program Planning for Baskas (2011), "can be used to assist adults depending on the goals of the program." In adult education, careful program planning, "have greatly helped adults," so that they have come to gain, "a tremendous amount of education and experience," through collaboration. Adult education expert Uhland (1994) further elaborates that, "program planning is a component of practically every facet of adult education...defined as the process associated with designing, developing, and implementing orderly, purposeful learning experiences to meet new needs and expanding interests that grow out of an adult's changing role in his or her social setting." Thus, program planning is simple the procedures or steps used in designing a program which is an activity or a sequence of activities with the aim of achieving academic or learning outcomes. There are a number of models available for application in the creation of adult learning programs however, there are some that are most commonly utilized because of proven reliability in the field 2 of which I have presented ...

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The solution uses 634 word to describe two alternate models ending with a comparison of them, with references included.

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