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Adult Education /Training

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I am trying to contact an adult education or training program administrator (maybe it can be you) from a publicly supported program (e.g., college or university administrator, GED or ABE program administrator, correctional facilities education program administrator, community education agency, training director, etc.).
I need information on the following:
i. Funding sources, including length of funding cycle
ii. Stakeholders, including the target learner
iii. Accountability
1. How is program success determined? (program evaluation)
2. What is the reporting structure?
iv. Program influences
v. How they help instructors and trainers to respond to globalization?

Summarize the major points made.
Employ some of the statements made by the person to support points you want to make.

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Brief definition of Adult education, funding sources, stakeholders and accountability; includes factors influencing adult education program and its impacts on globalization.

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