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Compose a list of 12-15 public/community agencies that you would recommend to parents to help them teach social, living, transition, and vocational skills to their children with ID. For each agency, briefly outline at least three strategies (social, living, transition, and/or vocational skills) that they use or recommend and evaluate their usefulness.

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Oak Grove Center for Education Treatment & the Arts

This center is predicated upon the usage of a two hour program that is provided to students suffering from ID after regular school hours. The impetus for the program is to stress social skills that result in training the students to manage their anger, work in groups in reference to anger management, and receive vocational training as a part of the transition from high school into adulthood. In addition, students are provided the ability to receive independent living skills, recreational activities, and the ability to learn how to use computers.

This program is useful because it addresses all of the necessary criteria for a successful transition from the high school position toward that of college, work, etc. for those students suffering from ID.

Program Name: Victor North Valley Schools (NVS)
Program Description:

This program is predicated upon a non-public special education program that utilizes a variety of school districts and SELPA's throughout the state of California. The program provides services to students that consist of vocational training, individualized education services, social skills development, and transitional services that enable successful transition from the high school environment for students suffering from ID into the work environment or into colleges or universities

NY State Education Department Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities

The New York State Education Department Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities has the ability to provide ID students with transition services designed to systematically prepare students to pursue their desired long term adult outcomes through a variety of activities. The program has instructional, community, and developmental opportunities for students who are post-school adult living and focus on daily living and functional vocational evaluation. IEPs are used to address developmental skills with the various different ID problems that students face, but the caveat is that each different role that should be taken by school districts and participating agencies is assigned.


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