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    Critical Incident Manual

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    Please help me complete the following:

    An incident and command response structure for all emergency or public service agencies in AZ, such as police, fire, medical, and so forth.

    Ensure minimal components of operations, planning, administration, and logistics are included and fully developed to four levels.

    Make sure the manual contains all general information personnel would need for rapid activation and deployment.

    Describe specific personnel or positions for each function.

    Provide scenario-based training.

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    Description of the Policy:

    These procedures aim to assist incident and command response structures for all emergency or public service agencies in AZ, such as police, fire, medical, etc. for responding appropriately to and managing critical incidents emanating from a myriad of security threats to public safety.

    The critical incident manual will respond to any form of incident regardless of where the threat or incident emanates from. Within the next section the student will be provided the definition of a critical incident and the different incidents that may constitute critical incidents that require the response of Arizona public service agencies.

    1.0 Definition

    Critical incidents are traumatic events, or the threat of such (within or outside Arizona), that are responsible for causing extreme stress, fear, injury, and death of citizens. The level of trauma associated with a critical incident is beyond conscience and more traumatic than what can be reasonably controlled in normal day to day public service actions, thus these incidents must have additional coordinated planning.

    Some of the following incidents that are mentioned may be encountered by first responders when dealing with response to critical incidents. The list only represents a microcosm of potential threats or incidents that may require response from Arizona's public service agencies.

    Arizona public service agencies must be prepared to respond to security threats regardless of the type of security threat to the public. Therefore, manmade, natural, or terroristic ...

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