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    Contrast: Homeland Security Events and Natural Disaster Events

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    Discuss: What is the difference between homeland security events and natural disaster events? What is "all-hazards management"? What is the role of external relations (all parties involved) and communications in response to a critical incident or emergency situation? How does the appropriate level of communication impact the overall effectiveness of a response? What recommendations would you make to ensure internal agency cooperation and effective communication as it applies to an organization's security plan in response to a critical incident or emergency situation? Explain.

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    Difference between homeland security events and natural disaster events:

    Homeland security events are the result of man-made actions such as terrorism for example, whereas natural disasters are the result of uncontrollable, physical phenomena such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Natural Disasters (2010) provide examples of differences between homeland security events and natural events, which include activities such as Hurricane Katrina, which was caused by levees that burst. The hurricane was a natural disaster event while bursting of the levees was a homeland security event. The fires of San Francisco that occurred in 1906 were as a result of broken gas lines (homeland security) caused by a major earthquake (natural disaster).

    "All hazards management":

    Emergency Management (2009) provides that "all hazards management" is an emergency management approach that recognizes that all emergencies result in similar problems and many strategies which are required to handle these emergencies are all generic. The emergency management approach recognizes that one emergency can lead to the development of other hazards and identifies that various risks require specific prevention, ...

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    This 660-word response discusses the concepts of Homeland Security and natural disasters, in a manner which contrasts the two with the ideas of hazard management, response effectiveness and effective communication in an emergency situation. There are also four references included in this solution which should act as great resources for further information.