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    Homeland Security Strategies

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    Given the current economic climate, how does Homeland Security enhance the federal government's financial condition?
    Please provide only one page for EACH section listed below.

    Homeland Security

    1) fiscal regionalism
    2) globalization
    3) cutback and surplus management

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    //Before writing about the effect of current economic climate on the 'Homeland Security Department', it is important for us to understand about the department. The mission, vision, objective of the Company will help to understand the effect of the current economic conditions on the department.\


    The main motive of the Homeland Security department is to raise the capability or power of the federal government by protecting and responding against terrorism, critical wars and natural calamities. This department also helps the state or federal government in the process of regain from the various critical problems. Homeland Security department also provides funds for the other activities such as purchase of equipment, training, planning, directing, administration cost, etc. This department enhances the federal government financial condition by precluding the terrorist attacks. Homeland Security department now does the expenditure around $ 147 million on the various activities such as warning systems, public disaster alert, repair or rebuild, etc. This department also helps the federal government in decision making so that the federal government can work faster and effectively to enhance the financial condition (Jenkins).

    //After discussing about the department, now as per the direction given, we will discuss the 'Fiscal Regionalism' of Homeland in enhancing the financial position of Federal Government. It will help to understand the current economic climate in the country. After it, we will discuss the role of globalization in improving financial condition of the Government.\

    Fiscal Regionalism

    Fiscal regionalism is defined as optimal way through which tax resources are shared among the various governments, thus, they enjoy the benefit of regionalism. Now days, fiscal regionalism is very pleasing because it cover all the problems related to metropolitan effectively in the non threatening ways. There are various reasons to carry out fiscal regionalism such as economies of scale, equal distribution and mange externalities. The main motive of fiscal regionalism is to satisfy the varied demands of the peoples so that they can easily come together. The strategy of fiscal regionalism is mainly used to reduce the negative consequences of the commercialism such as fiscal laws. Such fiscal laws create worst impact on the ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1085 words with references.