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Multiple methods of job analysis

What are the advantages and disadvantages to using multiple methods of job analysis for a particular job? Multiple sources?

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//Before writing about the pros and cons of the 'Multiple methods of job analysis', we will write about the concept of 'job analysis'. Then, we will write about the multiple methods of job analysis. It will assist in understanding the importance of job analysis for an organization.//

Multiple methods of job analysis

Job analysis is a formal and detailed study of jobs. It refers to a unique and systematic analysis of jobs in order to obtain all pertinent facts about the job. It is the process of determining by observation and studying the tasks, which comprises the job, methods and equipment used. It is the process of collecting and analyzing the data relating to the job. There are various methods of job analysis, some of the techniques or methods of job analysis are personal observation, interview, questionnaire, critical incident and log records (Fisher, Schoenfeldt & Shaw, 2004).

- Personal observation: in this, the analyst directly observes the worker or a group engages in doing the job. The ...