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    Multiple Job Analysis

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    What are some of the pros/advantages and cons/disadvantages to using multiple methods of job analysis for a particular job? Multiple sources?

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    Job analysis entails a comprehensive and systematic study to identify the work activities, tasks, and job responsibilities of a specific job or group of jobs. It gathers information about the job systematically, focuses on tasks, behaviors at work, and outcomes. Personal qualifications and characteristics needed to do the job effectively and the conditions are also identified. The job analysis results depend upon the time that the analysis is done and neither considering the past nor how it exists in another organization.

    According to Jackson, etc. al., applying multiple methods of collecting information and using multiple sources of information are used in customized inventory. A customized job analysis starts with the development of the measurement tools utilized for the job analysis. Usually, companies use standardized approaches which are generic but in order to be more effective, other companies perform customized approaches to job analysis since each situation is unique. It starts with developing customized task inventory - list task, behavior at ...

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    The solution explains the implications of multiple methods of job analysis. References are included.