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A System for Learning Assessment

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Choose a job position that you are interested in obtaining (anu example apply), and keep it in mind throughout this assignment. Demonstrate how Industrial/Organizational psychology benefits both employees
and organizations.

In an introduction, clearly state and briefly describe the position you are using as an example. Include a conclusion in your paper that sums up the challenges that an I/O psychologist would face in designing and implementing this position. Format your paper in APA style. Your paper should be between 4 and 5 pages in length. You should spend roughly 1/2 page on each of the criteria below.

As an I/O psychologist hired to develop your selected sample job for a specific agency:
1. Describe two job analysis methods would you use and tell why you would use them. How would these methods benefit both the employee and the employer?
2. Explain how you would avoid making a subjective hiring decision in filling this position?
3. Detail how you would ensure that you were using employee selection methods that were both reliable and valid.
4. Explain how you would conduct effective hiring interviews for this position. How do objective, valid, and reliable employee selection methods benefit employees and employers?
5. Once hired, how would you evaluate an employee in this position? Which method or rating employee performance would you use and why?
6. Discuss the key issues and problems that should be considered in implementing a good employee-training program for this position. Compare and contrast on-site and off-site training methods for this position, including examples of each. Recommend training methods for this position.
7. Choose two distinct theories of motivation and explain how they would apply to an employee in this position. How could the employer help to keep this employee motivated?
8. Draw conclusions regarding the challenges that an I/O psychologist would face when designing and implementing this position. What would be the greatest challenges to meeting the needs of the employee? Of the employer?

Assignment Criteria:
A. Describes two job analysis methods and the benefits of each to the employee and employer.
B. Explains how to avoid making subjective hiring decisions.
C. Details how to ensure that employee selection methods are both reliable and valid.
D. Explains how effective hiring interviews would be conducted.
E. Describes methods for rating employee performance and benefits of those methods.
F. Discusses employee training program options and makes recommendations.
G. Discusses two distinct theories of motivation and explains how they would apply to an employee.
H. Draws conclusions regarding the challenges that an I/O Psychologist would face when designing and implementing this position.
I. Properly cites three or more external scholarly references.
J. Introduction, transitions, and references.

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Job analysis methods: The example that I keep in mind is that of a human resource officer in charge of recruitment. The two methods of job analysis that I will use will be that of critical incident method and the questionnaire method. The critical incident method uses critical incidents to describe work and the job analyst determines the degree of each behavior that is present or absent in the job. The questionnaire will use a standardized list of work activities called an inventory that supervisors may identify as related to the job. These methods have been selected because they are appropriate for the position of human resource officer in charge of recruitment. The method benefits the employee because he can accurately describe the job he does. His description will be accurate. From the point of view of the employer he will get an accurate description of the position.

Objective hiring: I will avoid making a subjective hiring decision in filling this position by examining the resume of applicants. Only those persons who have HR qualifications, and have experience recruiting persons will be considered. On scanning of the resume, the persons who have the required qualification, skills, and abilities will be screened from the resume. The facts in the resume will checked with the references given in the resume (2). In addition, their recruitment skills will be tested during the interview stage. Senior HR managers will interview the applicants and check the abilities of the applicant. The senior HR manager will play the role of an expert as well as follow the interview guidelines. The interview questions will reduce subjective bias. The structured interview will ensure an objective hiring decision will made in filling this position.

Reliable and valid methods: Reliability can be tested by administering a test two times, at different points in time. Validity refers to ...

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