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Benefits of Grading Rubrics

Discuss the importance and advantages of implementing assessment guided rubrics. Discuss how this useful strategic educational method facilitates feedback information for students, as well as parents and administration.

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Grading Rubrics:

Grading rubrics provides clear guidelines and is an effective learning tool to use for assignments. The student and parents are able to see the specific areas of difficulty or success in meeting the requirements for a good grade. A guided rubrics is effective and helpful for the student to begin, complete and evaluate their work for their teacher to grade. This useful strategic educational method provides feedback information for students, parents and administration through specific documented guidelines to follow. Reynolds-Keefer (2010) refers to an assessment by Andrade and Du (2005) by ...

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Grading rubrics provides many benefits in learning and in setting expectations for educational development. It provides a basis or foundation for requirements and provides the student with a clearer understanding.