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Multicultural Perspectives in Adult Learning Settings

How does having a multicultural perspective impact interpersonal relationships in an adult learning setting?

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When seeking to build positive interpersonal relationships it is critical to understand students' varying learning profiles, and also their cultural backgrounds. When creating rubrics, analyzing student responses, and providing feedback teachers should consider differences in student learning styles, interests, social and emotional maturity, and home lives. The cultural background of students in an adult learning setting are of special importance because they affect how the student participates, the likelihood of participation, quality and nature of student responses, what constitutes socially appropriate interactions with instructions (according to that student's culture), and the ability of the student to ask for feedback or further explanation.

Student "output" will vary based upon how a student is best able to express his or ...

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Analyzes the significance of possessing multicultural perspectives to build interpersonal relationships in adult learning settings. Includes discussion of differentiation, assessment, cultural differences among students, and lists resources for further reading.