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The Socio-Historical Context of Multi-Cultural Education

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Describe the socio-historical and contemporary contexts for multicultural and bilingual education in your school district. How have decisions such as Brown vs. The Board of Education, the 2007 ruling by the Supreme Court against voluntary de-segregation or the policies of No Child Left Behind /Race to the Top impacted the way multicultural education has evolved and been interpreted in your district. Who is "silenced" or forgotten in your school curriculum as a result of these decisions or policies?

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One aspect of addressing the socio-historical elements of multicultural and bilingual conflicts stem from problems with the curriculum for American school, which often times does not keep pace with the cycle of changes that affects society.

Overcoming these obstacles to create a better multicultural fuel the problem for developing a solid definition for curriculum where institutions of learning can create instructional goal and plan to meet the learning needs of both youth and adults from all background that energized Brown vs. the ...

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The socio-historical context of multi-cultural education is determined.

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