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a brief summary of this article as well as its APA reference. Include your thoughts about the challenges of working with clients of a particular identity (cultural, gender-related, sexual, religious, etc.) in couples and family counseling. Be sure to refer to this article and include specific examples based on hypothetical situations or situations with which you are familiar.

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This solution discusses diversity issues and challenges when working with clients from dirrerent religious and cultural backgrounds

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The study that was reviewed challenges the myth that Black women are a monolithic ethnic group (Bryant, Taylor, Lincoln, Chatters, & Jackson, 2008). A sample that included Black women (N=962) in the United States and Black women from the Caribbean (N=560) was used to assess ethnic differences on marital satisfaction. The variables included socio-economic status, ethnicity/culture and gender. In addition, the study explores ways in which the correlates of marital satisfaction between men and women differed among the two groups. Bryant et al presented Literature that showed socioeconomic status was a strong determinant of marital behavioral and perception of marital quality among Black women. Gender was also cited as an important variable in relation to perceptions, attitudes, expectations and motivations for marriage. In the study reviewed, ethnicity/culture, socioeconomic status and gender were all important predictors of marital satisfaction, as well as having important influences on the marriage. Additionally, within the context of marriage and family, ethnicity and culture were found to be important factors in the marriages in ...

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