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Diversity Management

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Analyze and Critique Francoise Roy's Diversity Management Plan for PBQ (Panaccio & Waxin case study) by applying the conceptual framework of Shen, Chanda, D'Netto, and Monga (2009) and other related readings

-Identify strengths and weaknesses of Francoise' plan at each level of the framework
-Make clear and specific recommendations to improve the plan at each level of the framework
-Draw upon other sources in the background materials to guide your work, and reference any sources that you use in your work (at least FOUR in this case, please).
-Use headings and subheadings to clearly show the structure of your analysis.

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Diversity Management Plan is discussed in great detail in this solution..

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Step 1
Set Rules and Practices Which Promote Diversity
Strengths of this practice are that the readers of the rules cannot ignore the legal requirements of the Employment Equity Act. The rules are based on equity, anti-harassment policy and contain rewards programs for managers.
Weaknesses of this rules and practices are compliance with laws is weak motivator, especially since till now FranÃ??Ã?§oise does not have adequate diversity in the organization. Without company wide support how will FranÃ??Ã?§oise design a staffing policy and implement it? The managers may not be motivated to train themselves in the provisions of the Employment Equity act.
It is recommended, that first FranÃ??Ã?§oise should make the managers aware of the need for diversity. Next she should send them a copy of the Employment Equity Act and other diversity laws and request a compliance report. When the managers are not able to respond, she should persist till each manager feels the need for diversity. She should motivate the managers by listing the benefits of diversity.

Step 2
Eliminate Obstacles to Diversity In Recruitment And
Selection Practices
Strengths: This section clearly lays ...

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