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Organizations Valuing Diversity

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Task: Analyze the nature and effectiveness of your organization's commitment to valuing diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment.

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In about 720 words, including four references, this solution discusses the importance of diversity in an inclusive working environment.

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Managing in an Inclusive Environment: Diversity


In the present business environment, it is essential for all the organizations to focus on managing the diversity of employees. Effective management of diversity assists the organizations in increasing their productivity and efficiency. In the case of the Ford Motors Company, the company has to focus on preparing effective strategies for managing diversity. Since the company has a global presence, the company's workforce is comprised of diversified people from different countries. But, the HR system of the company has implemented effective strategies for the management of the diversified workforce. The paper will provide a detailed discussion about the company's commitment towards managing diversity (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).

Importance of Valuing Diversity

Diversity in an organization refers to the involvement of a diverse workforce and its inclusion in the organization for managing operations in the competitive market place. Generally, organizations having global operations have a diversified workforce and have to focus on integrating their work environment accordingly. Diversity management should be done by preserving the cultural and religious values of the individuals. It is essential for the ...

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