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Diversity and Cultural Competency

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Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions:

1. Take a position for this statement: Government agencies should purpose to hire people from different ethnic, racial, and gender groups. Provide at least TWO reasons AND examples to support your position.
2. Recommend at least TWO strategies for how the DoD Inspector General Office will hire and develop a culturally competent workforce, especially at high levels.

Please provide all references used.

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1. Embracing workplace diversity is beneficial to both the organization and the employees. For an organization, diversity may be the springboard that creates a strategic advantage for the reason that the organization will obtain a fresh perspective from various individuals with a wide array of ideas, knowledge, and advanced qualifications. For the employee, diversity will encourage and promote teamwork and display the importance of a positive team dynamic. Employees will learn about different cultures and will learn how to work with people from all walks of life. University of Phoenix for example, revolves their learning environment around teams. Teams are usually developed at the start of every new module. Teams must manage to work together for the duration of the class/module until the start of a new class. During this process teams go through highs and lows. Some teams work well together and other teams struggle to get along or are unable to communicate effectively. Workforce diversity is a learning process that requires patience, the ability to communicate, compromise, and open-mindedness. Consequently there are positive and negatives affects of a diverse workforce however the positive always outweigh the negative.

Organizations in general seek to operate under the auspices of best practices. Organizations often implement strategies that will maintain this ...

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Diversity and cultural competency is examined.

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