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    Cultural Competency and Arab/Muslim Ethnicity

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    Please help me describe Arabs and Muslims as an ethnic/racial group. In this explain one challenge one might have relating to a client within this group and/or understanding his or her worldview. Then explain how this challenge might test a counselor's cultural competence. Finally, explain what strategies a counselor might use to address this challenge.

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    (1) Please help me with coming up with describing Arabs and Muslims as an ethnic/racial group.

    The people of the Middle East are described as an ethnic racial group based on their national identity, ethnicity, and religion. Arabs make up the majority ethnic group in the Middle East except for Iran, Israel and Turkey (www.cotf.edu). Considered as a way of life, everything that Muslims do in their lifetime is involved around their religion—Islam. This includes education, government, health, places of worship, etc. Further, Muslim religion is taught as being in total submission to Allah that was taught by Muhammad, in Mecca in 570. (Takacs, 2011).
    Originally, the term "Arab" referred to peoples from the northern and central regions of the Arabian Peninsula. In contemporary times, Arab has come to refer to those who speak the Arab language (www.cotf.edu).The religion of Islam is based on Muhammad's teachings, who was the religious and political leader of the Arabian Peninsula (Takacs, 2011). Thus, Arab unity does not exist. There are various Muslim sects (e.g., Shiites and Sunni). While there is infighting over who should be Muhammad's successor, the majority of Muslims share similar, specific principles and practices (Blanchard, 2005).

    (2) [In this] explain one challenge one might have ...

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    This solution discusses cultural competency from the perspective of Arab and Muslim ethnicity.