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how to sustain the culture and language of a Arab or Muslim student

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How can you propose a classroom, school environment, or work setting that will successfully use, affirm, and sustain the culture and language of a Arab or Muslim student with a academic grade of straight A's and she is involved in soccer, track, tennis, and volleyball as well as student council, theater production, and the school newspaper.

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I think it might be more easy to accommodate or affirm religious practices of an Arab student in the work environment than possibility in the school setting. If the employer believes that her academic and extracurricular record would deem her to be an exemplary employee, accommodations for daily prayer times could be made as long s their is a mutual understanding that any time lost from work to engage in prayers would be made up. A discreet, private location could be provided in which the young woman could quietly step out to a private location and complete her prayers in a location that would give her privacy and not possibly cause a distraction or disruption to other co-workers.

In a secular school setting to truly affirm the Arab or Muslim cultures represented, the schools would shown tolerance for how many Arab families expect their women to dress by allowing young women to wear a traditional "hijab," or the head covering that may be used by some as a violation of the "no hats in the building" rule present in many ...

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This job offers advice about how to sustain the culture and language of a Arab or Muslim student.

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