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Classroom and School Environment

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Propose a classroom/school environment that will successfully use, affirm and sustain the culture and language of a female African Immigrant who until her freshman year of high school had attended various private schools in Africa. New experiences for her in U.S school were such things as a "media center" and turning in papers that needed to be typed and not handwritten.

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Many educators and educational institutes must find ways in which to allow immigrant and minority students from different cultures and of different languages to assimilate in a new educational environment. For many of these students, their new environments are very intimidating and they may feel lost and confused if left on their own. As a result, their performance may deeply suffer despite being entirely capable. Thus, educators must create an environment to use, affirm and sustain the culture and language of these students to help them assimilate to the new culture, progress as well as sustain their culture and language.
To achieve these objectives, an environment of understanding, empathy, patience and flexibility must be created in the classroom and further into the wider school. There are several important aspects of creating a supportive environment including support from peers and educators, social interaction, classroom activities allowing the student to share her background and.
Most importantly, she will require support of her educators, counselors, peers, and caregivers/parents. Classmates may be made available to her to demonstrate tasks that she may not be familiar with or to offer her private tutoring. ...

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A classroom/school environment is discussed.

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