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First day of school welcoming activity

Imagine it is the first day of school and you are welcoming a whole new set of students to class. Create your own welcoming activity for the first day of school that demonstrates how you will incorporate differentiation through a growth mindset. You are not limited to any particular format, but you must address the following:
1. How you will provide a safe and secure classroom climate
2. How you will provide a positive learning environment
3. How you will meet the social and emotional needs of your students
4. How you will foster a sense of student ownership
5. How you will create empathy with your students
6. How you will provide students opportunities to succeed
7. How you will eliminate student fear of failure and humiliation

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This is such a wonderful day for teachers and students! Attached are some ideas that you can expand upon. I also recommend looking at the following websites for inspiration:



1. There are a lot of good books and or short stories to read on the first day of school that can set the stage for a positive learning environment and set expectations for behavior. A good one for elementary school is:
The Rainbow Fish, Markus Pfister - its theme is sharing.

You can then create an activity where you set the classroom rules with the children (whole group activity promotes ownership and creates a safe and secure classroom climate).

2. I like the idea of giving your students a welcome back 'gift bag'. You can put items inside that are appropriate for every grade level and any age. This can also be as simple as putting in an eraser for each student (meaning it's okay to make mistakes) and a few other ...

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Creating the classroom climate starts on the first day of school. Here is a welcoming activity that will help teachers create and control a warm and inviting classroom climate that meets the needs of a diverse group of students.