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Effective Instructor/Facilitator

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Please assist with ideas for a paper about an effective instructor or facilitator you have had during a previous educational or training experience. Also included in the paper, the educational or training setting, two professional behaviors or characteristics that the teacher or facilitator exhibited and summarize why you think the teacher or facilitator was effective.

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The facilitator that effectively changed the course of my life and the one that I remember the most is Professor Reyes. The reason that his instructional technique was memorable and effective was that he possessed the ability to treat students with respect while also elucidating his points in easily relatable ways. He exhibited a humanistic trait that was refreshing and welcoming as well as the ability to listen, which is very important for effective teachers. My personal experience involved my struggles with the subject of college algebra. The subject had quintessentially played a significant role in me dropping out of college during my first attempt ...

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The solution discusses ideas for a paper about an effective instructor or facilitator.

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