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Characteristics of Effective Psychology Instructor

Can someone help me with explaining at least three characteristics (i.e. professional, communicator, student centered, expert, enthusiast, ethical, authoritative, confident, respectful, positive, etc.), that are essential for effective psychology instruction. Also, what strategies might be employed to develop those characteristics, and can an instructor be effective without possessing those characteristics?

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Characteristics of an effective psychology instructor

1. Communicator
2. Collaborative
3. Respectful/Empathetic

i) communicator- the skill of listening and attending to the needs of audience/students. Asking for feedback or clarification of point. Encourages discussion and dialogue among students and between the whole group- instructor and students. Ability to mediate conflicting perspectives and encourage academic and personal growth through presenting various points of view.

ii) Collaborative- Instructor is a facilitator, all members (students and instructor) have significant ...

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This solution explores the characteristics of an effective psychology instructor, choosing and explaining the characteristics of communicator, collaborative and respectful/empathetic. All references used are included.