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Instructional Design and Social Change in Higher Education

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Can someone help with at least one way that instructional design can support positive social change in higher education and what are maybe two actions and the action steps needed for a psychology instructor to be an agent of positive social change? Also, how can a psychology instructor stay informed of and apply the growing body of theoretical and practical knowledge on instructional design?

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I think that one important way that instructional design can support positive social change in higher education, is that instructional design that helps student to be able to absorb and understand the information that is being presented to them in a highly efficient manner, which would cause students to be more excited about the learning process, which would lead to these individuals being more prone to engage in activities that support a positive social atmosphere and learning environment. This will also lead to students exhibiting more positive and improved social interactions and socialization within higher education learning environments. One action that a psychology instructor can take to be an agent of positive ...

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458 words describe the interaction between instructional design and social change in higher education.

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