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Evolution of Instructional Design

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Compare and contrast the two definitions of Instructional Design in 1970 and describe how Instructional Design has evolved from its beginnings through present day differ in the 50s - 70s? Please include references.

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Various models and definitions for instructions were developed during the 50 - 70's and they were established on theoretical perspectives. For example, in the 50 - 70's instructional design meant a systematic approach or process to teaching. By the mid 70's, the concept had become more common in all learning institutions including all branches of the military. Moreover, during World War II, military trainers began taking the systemic approach to designing instruction (Banner, 2005). This approach was unswerving with step-by-step predictable formats and formulas for teaching and learning to occur. During this era, the approach was mostly applied in higher education and training institutions.

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The evolution of instructional design is discussed. The expert compares and contrasts the two definitions of instructional design in 970. How instructional design is evolved from its beginning through present day differ in the 50s-70s is discussed.

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