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    Instructional designs models and perspectives

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    Select three instructional design models. You must select at least one model that represents each of the three instructional design perspectives (behavioral, developmental, and cognitive).

    Create a matrix (chart) comparing/contrasting the three instructional design models. Your chart must contain the name of the design model, the perspective it represents (behavioral, developmental, or cognitive), and a brief description of its components and what type of assessment(s) it relies on most (formative or summative).

    Finally, categorize each of the four instructional strategies in your matrix according to which of the instructional design perspectives it best reflects.

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    Here are some examples that could be incorporated into a matrix for your project.

    Instructional design model: Motivational Design; This model serves to explore the process of human engagement. It fosters the how and why of activation. Behavioral perspective would represent this model due to the notion of experiencing aspect of this perspective. Behaviorism features the act of engagement; learning by doing and experiencing. It would be formative; this model employs activities, which allows for ...

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