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Phases of ADDIE Model

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I need some help answering questions on different models of education:
- Discuss the phases of the ADDIE model.
- Discuss Gagne's Theory of Instruction model and the connection of Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction within the model.
- Define Bloom's Taxonomy, and explain the connection between Bloom's Taxonomy verbs and the Analysis Phase of design models. Explain the connection between Bloom's Taxonomy verbs and learner assessment.
- Compare and Contrast Bloom's Taxonomy against Gagne's A Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes.
- Provide examples of designed elements that might reflect Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction within instructional design.
- Explain how the use of an instructional design model might ensure that societal, cultural, and diversity needs are included in an instructional event.
- Discuss program evaluation and how it differs from learner assessment. Be sure to explain how instructional design models ensure that both critical elements are included during the design process.

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- Discuss the phases of the ADDIE model
The ADDIE model is predicated upon Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation, which are used to assist instructors in creating appropriate lesson plans for learners. Instructors must analyze their student's needs, design the necessary tools and resources to meet these needs, development pertinent strategies for implementing these tools and resources, and finally use evaluations both summative and formative to assess the efficacy of their instructional designs.

- Discuss Gagne's Theory of Instruction model and the connection of Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction within the model.
Gagne's nine events of instruction entails a process wherein instructors must gain learners attention, inform learners of the course objectives, provide an environment that enables learners' to retrieve prior learning to appropriate toward the new information, provide learners' with stimulus material for learning, give students' guidance, elicit optimal performances from learners, provide students with efficient feedback, assess the performance of students, and enhance their knowledge to allow them to transfer their new information toward their new grade levels. Analysis, Design, ...

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Phases of addie models are provided. The expert defines Bloom's taxonomy. The connection between Bloom's taxaonmy verbs and analysis are provided.

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