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    Comparing HPT, ADDIE and Gagne models

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    What are the HPT, Gagne and ADDIE models? What aspects of these models are similar and what of these three models are different? How can they be compared and contrasted in regards to design solutions? How does the HPT model align with quality and performance in an instructional design approach? How would each of these models operate in an educational environment once implemented and what would be the evaluation and analysis process? What steps are needed for an effective evaluation?

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    HPT uses systematic approaches for improving productivity and competency through the use of methodical procedures that utilize strategy for solving problems whereas selection, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation are used to analyze performance by individuals, groups, and other organizational masses. The similarities between HPT and ADDIE ...

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    This response analyzes the similarities and differences that HPT, ADDIE, and Gagne have for businesses and organizations.