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The Addie and Gagne Model

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Please help in answering questions on educational theory:
1. In viewing the information from the first response how can this be used for getting the eighth graders to master these concepts such as those of the U.S. Constitution for an end of the marking period assessment.
2. What would be the process if any and the final outcome, what would I look to hope for or gain as a teacher.
3. How would I change the scenario if the audience was made up of my peers or adults?
4. How might instructional design models, such as ADDIE or Gagne, help make any necessary changes?
5. Should all of my lessons include all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy?

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1. To master the concepts such as those of the U.S. Constitution, the students will need to adopt the ADDIE model wherein they are first given an analysis or assessment to gauge their current knowledge regarding the United States Constitution. This will enable the teacher to garner the current level that the student has in regard to their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution enabling the teacher to ascertain how the student will respond to the lesson methodology as well as develop methodology that can accommodate the learners' current abilities. Once the student or learner assessments have occurred, the teacher must design a lesson plan that is conducive for the learner(s) in his or her classroom. This requires the teacher to accommodate the strengths of the individual student while accounting for their weaknesses, and to design a plan that can foster the student's strengths in regard to their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.

The next step for teachers is the development of a strategy to use for implementing the design that has been cultivated for students regarding the U.S. Constitution. The development of a plan must account for the entirety of the classroom and be able to accommodate diverse learners or quintessentially be a ...

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