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    ADDIE Model and teacher training.

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    This is my first time creating an ADDIE project for the following information below. I tried but it became very confusing. I need some assistance. How many phases are there? What information goes where? How do I set up the training process?

    Thank you!

    The technology coordinator will put together a plan using the ADDIE Model for training the teacher, aide and student with the technology device/software chosen.

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    Within the process of creating a training program that can be effectively used to plan for training the teacher, classroom aid, and student with assistive technology device or software chosen, you must have an understanding of the ADDIE. ADDIE is an acronym for Analysis Design Development Implementation and Evaluation. You will need to ensure that all of these steps are carried out with proper and careful planning for the assistive technology program to be successful in regards to training the teacher, classroom aid, and student. There exists five phases that must be done, thus the term ADDIE. These phases are carried out in the order representative of their letter in the acronym.


    Within the analysis process it is imperative that you establish the goals you are seeking to achieve for the assistive technology software, and what software will be used in the training program. In addition, the technology must be vetted in accordance to how you will implement it in the classroom and what purpose it will attempt to represent in assisting the learning environment positively. Finally, the analysis phase involves understanding the learners' current capability with the technology. Establishing whether or not the learner(s) have previous foreknowledge or experience with the assistive technology will assist in the next phases of the process (Intulogy, 2012).

    In summary, while inducting the first phase of the training program for the assistive technology training program you should implement these five steps that discover any existing use within the classroom of assistive technology, define measurable goals that will be reached by the teacher, classroom aide and ...

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    This solution designs a training model using the ADDIE model to train teachers, teacher aides', and students in Analysis Design Development Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) for educational instruction and teaching.