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    ADDIE Model and Instructional Needs

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    The analysis stage of the ADDIE model is essential in determining if an instructional need exists and if that need can be bridged by an instructional intervention. While a comprehensive front-end analysis is often needed, there may be times when a simple needs assessment will suffice to identify the instructional need. First, distinguish between a comprehensive front-end analysis and a needs assessment it terms of what each includes and the process for each. Then, discuss a situation in which all that may be needed is a needs assessment. Explain why the situation would NOT require a comprehensive front-end analysis.

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    The comprehensive Front End Analysis (FEA) involves the process of determining if a problem can be rectified by training or incorporating a different instructional methodology into the instructional design. The process of (FEA) entails defining the learner as the student exists now, defining the best possible learning outcome after training or other solutions, ranking the new goals in order of importance, identifying discrepancies between where the student is currently at in their academic potential and where they should be, and determining the strengths of the student's learning style to set priorities of future actions. The sum of an (FEA) is to determine if additional learning represents ...

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