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    Teaching Strategies for Online Students

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    Describe the defining characteristics of these online student populations: Undergraduate psychology majors and Traditional psychology graduate students? For this student population, what are some online instructional strategies that could be used to instruct them and why?

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    In the first part of the question, it is important to define the distinctions between the two different online student populations:

    1. Undergraduate Psychology majors: especially, in an online student population, these students may be from a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of eventual career goals. For example, a student with hopes of eventually owning one's own business may decide to major in Psychology as a means of gaining a solid background in human relations and communication. Online undergraduate students may select Psychology as a major for a variety of reasons: to benefit an already chosen career other than Psychology (as in the Business owner example above) or to prepare one's self for going on to graduate study in Psychology. When one is considering an online student population it is also important to recognize that diversity among students will be even greater than the traditional campus population on the basis that there are fewer geographic barriers as well as age barriers in that the only stipulation to become an online undergraduate student is to gain admittance into the program(i.e. meeting the minimum admission requirements) and to have a computer available.
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