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    Teaching Respect for Cultural Diversity

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    Create five strategies that early childhood educators can utilize in the classroom to foster success. The poster should include an explanation of each strategy and how it will enhance your teaching in the classroom. Your strategies should be supported by details that are factual, relevant, and credible. Be as creative as you wish with your poster using pictures and visuals.

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    It would seem that your strategies would address curriculum and instruction. What curriculum content could you modify to incorporate diverse cultures? It could be as simple as using images of diverse populations. It is especially useful in diverse classrooms to use the culture(s) of those students who are present because, according to Gay (2000) "it is validating, empowering, transformational," can take on multidimensional forms and emancipatory. What instructional strategies could you employ that include the history, aesthetics, cultural strengths and abilities of your diverse students? How can these be ...

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    This post gives suggestions for educators to come up with instructional strategies that will enhance their teaching practice, and teach respect for diversity.