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    Cultural Diversity in Radiology

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    Examine cultural diversity in radiology and reflect upon the importance of oral and written skills in radiology.

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    Cultural Diversity in Radiology

    According to the United States Department of labor (n.d.), the changing demographics in the United States are moving at a pace, much faster than projected. As such, cultural diversity as has gained much momentum over the last two decades, and not just in health care, but among providers, insurers, policymakers, schools, students, and different sub areas of health care such as the field of radiology. Cultural diversity is important in all areas of radiology, including but not limited to areas such as; laboratory, administration, didactics, research, clinical settings and especially in direct dealing with those we serve. Most important, service that is culturally diverse and competent when dealing with individuals including colleagues and coworkers who are from an array of different backgrounds (Betancourt, 2006).

    Key Definitions
    Culture, is the entirety or completeness of the individuals' way of living, communication styles, customs, traditions, values, beliefs, language, standards, thinking patterns, behavioral norms, that guide decisions and actions of a group overtime. Diversity refers to all the ways in which we differ and are unique as individuals. Finally, cultural diversity is the ability and tolerance to be open-minded towards embracing, understanding, learning about, and accepting those who are from different cultural groups than ours (USDHHS, 2010).

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    The cultural diversity in radiology is examined. The importance of oral and written skills in radiology are provided.