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    Modification of Each Website to Address Types of Diversity

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    1. How does the website attend to diversity? Be sure to address each type of
    diversity separately.
    a. How does each attend to cultural diversity?
    b. How does each attend to intellectual diversity?
    2. Give one suggestion of how each site could improve with respect to diverse populations.

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    How the Websites attend to diversity


    Discoveryeducation.com, attends to intellectual diversity in a number of ways. These include through development of curriculum and contents that are flexible and can easily align to different state standards or customized curriculum. Similarly it supports classroom instructions irrespective of technology platform with the students being able to learn about diverse places, events and people through the platform. The students also learn diverse subjects from artistry to English, science or stories and games, social sciences to Mathematics, where mathematics is taught in various formats to cater for diverse learning skills and abilities of students using the website. The website also caters to a diversity of users from teachers, students to parents in interactive participation. The website uses various assessment methodologies all aligned to the education needs of an individual. It also assess a number of areas in various learners with diagnostic assessment assessing how a learner is progressing, an interim assessment which shows various benchmarks built on the most up to date psychometrics, software and research (Discovery Education,2011).

    Similarly we can note a number of ways in how the site attends to cultural diversity. Analyzing the website features it can be noted that the graphic and images depict a diversity of races as users of its services. Though the site does not have platform through which its contents can be changed to another language to cater for a more diverse population in the world, it does have various resources that offer translation dictionary for more than sixteen languages including, Japanese, Latin, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swahili, Hungarian, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Italian and Portuguese. It also has resources in teaching these languages. The site also caters to a diverse level of students from elementary level to master's level providing necessary resources required (Discovery Education, 2011).

    How this website could improve with respect to diverse populations:

    This website can be improves to include more cultural diversity by including an option for translation of the webpage into another language, and similarly to try and capture the cultural changes in the US especially with the changing demographics towards a more Spanish population.

    Canadian Council on learning interactive ...

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    A modification of each website to address types of diversity is examined. How each attends to intellectual diversity is determined.