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Classroom Management Models

Describe each of these models: Positive Classroom Management by Fredric Jones, Beyond Discipline by Alfred Kohn, and the Behavior Modification model by B.F. Skinner. How are they similar and how are they different?

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Frederic Jones Positive Classroom Management model is based upon the ideas that:
-students need to be controlled...assumptions that they are ready for self management are wrong.
-a teacher needs to maintain control and respect through body language, organization of the classroom, and professional behavior at all times.
-no assumptions can be made that students understand the rules.
-no assumptions can be made that students have learned "the rules" from prior schooling.
-students appreciate and want a system of rules.
-rules should not be enforced through ...

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This solution discusses contributions to classroom management models by the theorists, Alfred Kohn, B.F. Skinner and Frederic Jones. The respective models proposed by these theorists are Beyond Discipline, behavior Modification and Positive Classroom Management.