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Similarities & Differences Of Classroom Management Models

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What are the similarities and differences of the following models Assertive Discipline, Logical Consequences, Teacher Effectiveness Training?

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These three models move from low to high maturity levels for appropriateness and potential success of application in the classroom. The Assertive Discipline model is based upon rewards and punishments associated with good and bad behaviors. The Logical Consequences model sets up a predetermined consequence for both good and bad behaviors, with an emphasis on the positive consequences, but seeks to program students to self monitor and police their own behaviors. The Teacher Effectiveness model is similar to the Logical Consequences model in its appeal for positive behavior but has the more advanced approach of using a counseling technique in an effort to teach students to change their bad behaviors ...

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This solution discusses the similarities and differences of the Assertive Discipline, Logical Consequences and Teacher Effectiveness Training classroom management models.

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